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Thank you for visiting the Jefferson Fire & EMS Department webpage. We service a coverage area of 45 square miles that includes the city of Jefferson, WI, and the surrounding townships of Farmington, Hebron, Jefferson, and Oakland. In 2022 we responded to 234 fire calls and 1,347 ambulance calls for a total of 1,581 calls for service. 

The Jefferson Fire Department has been servicing this area since 1871 and is steeped in firefighting history. Currently, we operate the following FD apparatus:

  • 3 Engines
  • 2 Tenders
  • 1 Heavy Rescue Squad
  • 1 Aerial Ladder Truck
  • 1 Brush Truck
  • 1 Command Vehicle
  • 1 Rescue Boat
  • 1 UTV w/Trailer
  • 1 Command Trailer

Firefighters acquire a minimum training level of Firefighter I certification with many people continuing their education in specialty areas such as RIT, Ice Water Rescue, Extrication, etc. The FD has a volunteer roster of 40 members, one of which is an auxiliary member, one is a junior (high school program) firefighter, and 3 probationary (newer) firefighters. We have the capacity to run with a 47-person roster, please reach out if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

Jefferson EMS (Emergency Medical Services) was started in 2001 and currently we operate the following EMS apparatus:

  • 3 Ambulances
  • 1 Paramedic Intercept Vehicle

EMTs acquire a minimum training level of EMT-B (Basic EMT), although the majority of our members have attained the level of EMT-A (Advanced) or EMT-P (Paramedic) and provide phenomenal care to the city and surrounding areas. Jefferson EMS runs a combination of full-time associates as well as paid-on-premise / paid-on-call shift opportunities.


Our agencies provide fire suppression and advanced ambulance service protecting the 13,500 people in our community. In recent years the city of Jefferson and JFD received an Insurance Service Office (ISO) Rating of "3" putting us into a top class for Wisconsin. Classifications range from Class 1, representing superior property fire protection, to Class 10 which indicates that the community does not meet the ISO's lowest criteria.

ISO evaluates a community’s fire protection services.  This includes things such as; fire department staffing, fire prevention activities, training, water supply, and communications.  A community’s ISO rating assists insurance companies in setting their premium rates.  Generally speaking, a community with a Class 1 rating will have much lower property insurance premiums than a Class 5 community.

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The city of Jefferson is the county seat for Jefferson County WI that make up MABAS Division 118. MABAS has long recognized the need to mobilize large numbers of emergency response personnel for major incidents that will exceed the normal response characteristics of a single fire department and even a single MABAS division. Examples of these types of incidents include, but are not limited to, major fires, mass casualty incidents, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, technical rescue events and hazardous materials incidents. MABAS allows for two primary mechanisms for organizing a major response to an incident; Interdivisional Responses and individual state responses through state Emergency Management or EMAC.

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Jefferson was featured in the Wisconsin Fire Journal in 2017