JFD Command Staff

Chief Ron Wegner
Chief Ron Wegner
1st Asst Chief Tim Dorn
1st Asst Chief Tim Dorn
2nd Asst Chief Shaun Bauer
2nd Asst Chief Shaun Bauer
3rd Asst Chief Jerry Wendt
3rd Asst Chief Jerry Wendt
Captain Willy Neibler
Captain Willy Neibler
Captain Jason Haas
Captain Jason Haas
Captain Kip Kopelke
Captain Kip Kopelke
Captain Brady Ramseier
Captain Brady Ramseier
Captain Matt Hay
Captain Matt Hay

JFD Driver/Apparatus Operators

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JFD Membership

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Recently you may have seen news stories in the Daily Union and Watertown Times about the decline in volunteers locally to answer the calls for help? You may have seen our own signs here in Jefferson throughout the community or our recruitment ads and video on our Facebook Page pleading for help?

Jefferson Fire & EMS ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF HELP!  Both sides of our organization are in desperate need of members to join our ranks. I would like to remind citizens that the Jefferson Fire Department is a 100% Volunteer organization, meaning that ALL the members of the department including me, the Chief have Full Time jobs elsewhere!  We then volunteer our time in service to the community on the Fire Department.

Jefferson Emergency Medical Service (JEMS) operates with five full-time career Paramedics and approximately 25 additional “Paid on Call” or “Paid on Premises” staff with license levels from EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced and Paramedic.  POC/POP staff have full time jobs elsewhere, like the volunteer firefighter and vary on hours available to cover shift scheduled openings.

GONE are the days of waiting lists to become a member.  REALITY is our ranks are dwindling and nobody is answering the pleas for help!

On the fire department side, today we have several vacant member positions from our authorized staffing. On the EMS side, we are competing for help with other EMS organizations throughout the area and state.  Wages and Benefits guide candidate choices in employment.  Educational requirement in EMS are substantial.

Fire Department

Here are the Volunteer members of the Jefferson Fire Department. This is an extremely dedicated group of people/firefighters that answer the call to serve here in Jefferson.  I am extremely proud to call them my brothers and sisters, so let me introduce to you JFD, and who they are:

  • Chief/EMT-B: Ron Wegner: Loss Prevention Supervisor - Insurance
  • Asst. Chief: Tim Dorn: Supervisor - Dairy Farm
  • Asst. Chief/EMT-B: Shaun Bauer: Firefighter/EMT, Milwaukee (retired), Seed Co
  • Asst. Chief/AEMT: Jerry Wendt: Painter
  • Captain: Willy Niebler:  Jefferson DPW
  • Captain: Jason Haas: Retention Specialist
  • Captain/EMT-B: Kip Kopelke: Sales Engineer
  • Captain/EMT-B: Brady Ramseier: Athletic Director, High School
  • Captain/EMT-B: Matt Hay: Systems Designer
  • Captain*/EMT-B: Nash Niesen: Firefighter/EMT-B Fire Dept., Jefferson EMS
  • Driver Engine 1: Ryan Schroedl: Operator, Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Driver Engine 2/Justin Schreiner: Equipment Operator, Grading
  • Driver Engine 3: Tony Land: Service Technician, Fire Protection
  • Driver Brush 5/Paramedic: Bryce Wegner: Paramedic/Firefighter
  • Driver Squad 6/EMT-B: John Gotto: Biology Teacher, High School, Jefferson EMS
  • Driver Tender 10: Mitch Schuenke: Owner, Barbeque
  • Driver Tender 11: Andrew Voight: Foreman, Jefferson DPW
  • Driver Ladder 12: DuWayne Raduege: Plumber
  • Firefighter: L. John Powell: Retired
  • Firefighter: Steve Adams: Retired
  • Firefighter: LaVern Meng: Retired
  • Firefighter: Carol Wedl: Retired
  • Firefighter: Tom Ramseier: Retired
  • Firefighter: Curt Hebbe: Utilities
  • Firefighter: Dave Bente: Plant Manager, Seed Co
  • Firefighter: Aaron Rechlin: Assistant Operations Manager, Energy Cooperative
  • Firefighter: Matt Hein: Laborer, Concrete
  • Firefighter: Andy Heyer: EMT-B, Laborer, Valero, Jefferson EMS
  • Firefighter: Nick Drew: Operator, Sewer Treatment Plant
  • Firefighter: Rob Logemann: Service Technician, Pool Builders
  • Firefighter/Paramedic: Owen Peachey: Paramedic, Fort Atkinson FD
  • Firefighter: Keith Boucher:  Engineering Manager
  • Firefighter: Brady Wendt: Student, Fire Science Program, & Painter
  • Firefighter: Ryan David: Driver, John's Disposal
  • Firefighter: Olivia Reimer: Student
  • Firefighter: Brady Lehman: Student, UW Whitewater
  • Firefighter: Colin Shannon: Material Handler
  • Probationary Firefighter/EMT-A: Logan Wegner: Student, UW System
  • Probationary Firefighter: Stephanie Furan:  Customer Service Representative, Credit Union
  • Probationary Firefighter: Emily Boucher: Student, Jefferson High School

Emergency Medical Services

Jefferson EMS is a fire department-based publicly funded EMS service which began in 2001. We currently serve the city of Jefferson, Town of Jefferson, Town of Hebron, Town of Oakland, and Town of Farmington. Our total population of citizens served is 10,253. We provide 9-1-1 Advanced life support with three ambulances and a paramedic intercept vehicle. We also provide ALS and BLS transports. Service was provided for 1,709 runs in 2019, 1,190 runs in 2020, and 1,360 runs in 2021. Jefferson EMS operates under the Mercy health organization protocols by Dr. Jay McNeal.

What we offer:

  • Competitive wages of $16.00/hr POC/POP for EMT-B, $18.00/hr POC/POP for EMT-A, and $23/hr POC/POP for EMT-P
  • In-house monthly training counting towards license refresher hours.
  • Clinical class time.
  • Ride along
  • Job shadow
  • School sponsorship opportunities
  • In-house BLS CPR, ACLS, PALS

We are currently looking to hire 2 full-time paramedics and POP/POC of every license level. Apply Here!

Our team is comprised of one volunteer Fire Chief, one part-time EMS director, 2 full-time firefighter/paramedics, two positions currently vacant, and 33 paid-on-premise / paid-on-call staff. We have 11 paramedics, 10 AEMT’s, and 14 EMT’s.


  • Fire Chief: Ron Wegner - EMT
  • EMS Director: Sue Reinen -AEMT

Full-Time Staff:

  • Bryce Wegner – FF, EMT-P
  • Amy Ross – FF, EMT-P

CC = Critical Care

Paid on Call/Paid on Premise Staff Roster:

Paramedic EMT Level

  • Brandyn Frye – EMT-P
  • Dave Nelson – EMT-P
  • Joe Mildenstein – EMT-P
  • Josh Tillmann – EMT-P
  • John Uebelacker – EMT-P
  • Katlyn Dahnert – EMT-P
  • Megan Kastern – EMT-P
  • Nicole Tillmann – EMT-P
  • Ross Williams – EMT-P

Advanced EMT Level

  • Alex Rosiejka – EMT-A
  • Brenda Noll – EMT-A
  • Jerry Wendt – EMT-A (Jefferson Fire Assistant Chief)
  • Joel Theder – EMT-A
  • Kaitlin Butzine – EMT-A
  • Kathy Klein – EMT-A
  • Marc Taylor – EMT-A
  • Tony Filter – EMT-A
  • Wes Benish – EMT-A (Waterloo Fire Chief)
  • Logan Wegner - EMT-A

Basic EMT Level

  • Brady Ramseier – EMT-B (Jefferson Fire Captain)
  • Jim Rodgers – EMT-B
  • John Gotto – EMT-B (Jefferson Fire)
  • Josh Archibald – EMT-B
  • Kiana Gosh - EMT-B
  • Kip Kopelke – EMT-B (Jefferson Fire Captain)
  • Mandy Hollis – EMT-B
  • Mary Hoefler – EMT-B
  • Myranda Goulder - EMT-B
  • Nash Niesen – EMT-B (Jefferson Fire)
  • Ron Wegner – EMT-B (Jefferson Fire Chief)
  • Roxanne Schneider - EMT-B
  • Sarah Schweitzer – EMT-B
  • Shaun Bauer – EMT-B (Jefferson Fire Assistant Chief)







Back Row: Captain Niebler, Chief Wegner, Asst Chief Dorn, Asst Chief Bauer, Asst Chief Wendt

Front Row: Captain Ritter, Captain Rechlin, Captain Haas, Captain Kopelke